How to Buy and Sell Websites

Buying and selling websites has become a popular business model comparable to buying or selling real estate. Some people even make their living from buying and selling websites. If you have a website you want to sell, or are considering buying a website, there are certain guidelines you will want to follow to make sure you get the best deal possible.

The price for a website may vary. You will find some sites that are as low as $35 or as high as $20,000. There are a number of different factors that will determine the price of a website. The age of a website is very important. Websites which have been online for 2 years or longer tend to have more traffic and better search engine rankings. Websites which are well taken care of will age like wine, and their value will increase. The Google PageRank of a website is also important. Sites with a higher PageRank are generally worth more.

Another important factor in valuing a website is traffic. Traffic equals money. A website which gets 900 visitors a day will be more expensive to purchase than a website that only gets 50 visitors a day. The more traffic a website has, the more money you will make in affiliate sells, direct sells, or advertising. If you are thinking about buying a website, it’s important to find out what the traffic statistics are. You should also find out how much the website earns per month. If the site has a forum, find out how many members visit per day, how many messages are posted, and how many members are inactive.polovni delovi

These are some of the things you will want to consider when buying a website. If you are selling a site, this is information will be required. Astute buyers will want to know why you are selling your site. Many websites earn residual income, and many buyers will want to know why you are selling a website which earns a residual income each month. Many people lose interest in their sites, or are too busy to deal with maintaining them. You should look at how a website ranks for keywords, what programming language it uses, and the domain name.

Some webmasters try to defraud buyers online. The best way to avoid them is to join a webmaster marketplace such as TidgetSitePoint, or Digital Point. These are webmaster communities which have rules regarding the sale of websites. Tidget has a number of impressive features such as IM, member feedback, and free listings. Joining a good webmaster marketplace is your best protection against fraud. People who attempt to defraud other members can be banned, and their reputation in the marketplace will be ruined.

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