Video Classifieds, the Future of Buying and Selling Online

Online classifieds sites such as Craigslist have revolutionized the way that people buy and sell goods and services by creating a worldwide marketplace. Thanks to free online classifieds, users are able to buy and sell goods to thousands of people they would not have been able to reach using traditional methods like newspaper classifieds. However, have you ever looked at on-line classifieds and been frustrated with the lack of information available? Even with a good description and pictures, you usually have a lot of questions about the item, service, or person you are looking at. In the case of complex purchases like cars, electronics or real estate, a few pictures simply isn’t enough to find out what you need to know. job

However, there are a few sites that have combined the hottest internet trends to solve the problems of traditional classified sites. Imagine if you could take a video walkthrough of that house you are looking at online before you ever made a phone call to the seller. Or, if that awesome GTO you are looking at included more than just a few blurry images of the interior. Video classifieds make all this possible. Sites offering sellers the option to upload a video of their products have combined the great things about internet classifieds and the internet’s ability to give viewers a multimedia experience.

Free online video classifieds are rapidly replacing online picture and text sites as the choice of sellers everywhere. Watching video classifieds online is like going to a store with a great salesman. Sellers upload videos that not only show you what they are selling, but are often funny, quirky, and full of personality that make you want to get to know not just the product, but the salesman too! For buyers, seeing all aspects of a product they are interested in makes the buying process much more satisfying. No more reading a few lines about a “cool vintage couch” just to discover a decaying heap of junk when you arrive at the seller’s house. With video classifieds, you can find out exactly what the seller has to offer before you ever call!

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